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Protection from Midwest Weather

Your air conditioning unit is left outdoors year-round which means it's exposed to all the weather we endure living in the Midwest. While it can withstand the rain, snow, and heat, Overland Park Heating and Cooling still recommends that you get a cover for it for many reasons, and the first reason is to increase its lifespan by 5 – 10 years. Secondly, if it's cold outdoors and the top vents are not covered correctly, cold air can potentially leak into your home through its pipes.

Full Cover vs. Top Skirt Cover

It might seem that it makes sense to cover the entire unit since wind blows sideways, but this is not the case for your air conditioning unit. It's best to only cover the top. This is why Overland Park Heating and Cooling Inc. supplies quality top skirt covers from Lennox. These block the vents from collecting debris while allowing the air to properly circulate throughout the unit. If you were to instead choose a full cover, it would provide a place for moisture and bugs to live, neither of which you want in your unit.

Lennox Durability

We trust Lennox to keep our customers' systems running properly through our unpredictable seasons. Lennox's use of vinyl provides a material that keeps air out while allowing the unit to breathe. For air-conditioning systems to last, they need to be able to do both. By using Overland Park Heating and Cooling for your air conditioning needs, you can be sure to get a quality air conditioning system as well as a cover that fits correctly. Having a cover too big or too snug will defeat the purpose of having one.

Clean filters are imperative to proper air filtration in any home. Do you have pets? A smoker in the house? Recently remodeled? These are all instances in which your filter may become prematurely impacted with dirt particles and not function up to its designed limits.

Check out OPHC’s filter club for Lennox High-End filters as we’ll ensure that your filters are ready for all your filtration needs.

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