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Everything You Need to Know About a Furnace Tune Up

Here at Overland Park Heating and Cooling, we believe you deserve the best – the best furnace, the best comfort, and the best service. That’s why we offer full furnace tune ups to help Kansas City residents get ready for the winter months ahead.

residential boiler

How to Choose the Right Residential Boiler for Your Home

The boiler that heats your home is vital to the proper function and comfort of your household. While many people think that residential boilers are standard and every home has the same one, the truth is that boilers can be as varying as homeowners in the Kansas City area.

Common Furnace Problems and How to Fix Them

With temperatures dropping in the Kansas City area, the last thing you need as a homeowner is a furnace problem. Unfortunately, the bitter Midwest nights ahead are when most furnace problems are likely to occur. The good news is, with the right awareness and knowledge, you can recognize and solve the issues your furnace faces, before they grow into large, costly problems.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Temperatures are dropping, coats are being pulled out the closets, and homeowners are turning on their furnaces all over the Kansas City Metro. That’s right – winter is quickly approaching. With winter comes the responsibility of taking care of your home’s heating system.

Hellenbrand Water Softener

Treat Your Home’s Water with a Hellenbrand Water Purification System

Nothing keeps your home running quite like the water within it. From your kitchen faucet to your shower head to your laundry room, you use water throughout your entire house on a regular basis. While most homeowners don’t think twice about the water quality they are pumping through their pipes, the purification of your water is important to maintaining a healthy, comfortable home.

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