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Benefits of a Whole Home Steam Humidifier

With winter now covering the Kansas City area, homeowners are feeling the effects of the seasonal dry air. Inspired by their itchy skin and sinus issues, many are seeking out remedies to make their homes more comfortable as the temperatures continue to drop outside – the most popular of these remedies being a humidifier. While any kind of humidifier is helpful when it comes to improving the comfort and quality of your indoor air during the winter, the most beneficial … Continue reading

The Benefits of Good Water for Your Health and Home

Essential to life in both comfort and function, water is an invaluable tool that many take for granted, and don’t quite grasp the vast importance of – especially when it comes to quality. Water is water, right? Wrong. When it comes to H2O, there are good and bad varieties, both of which affect the average homeowner’s daily life. No one wants to intentionally consume or use bad water, but what many don’t understand are the drastic effects utilizing bad water … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Own HVAC Unit on the Internet

The internet is a great thing. With just a few clicks, you can order food, clothes, and even appliances to be delivered to your door in just a matter of days – and sometimes, minutes. However, with this convenience also comes trouble. Thanks to the growing trend of e-commerce, many people are buying goods online that are better when purchased in person with the help of a professional – like an HVAC unit. A new trend among young homeowners is … Continue reading

How Water Affects Your Home

From the glasses of it you drink to the showers you take and even the laundry you wash, water touches almost every aspect of your home life. Whether you’re consuming it, washing your hands with it, or your appliances maintain it, the water in your home affects your daily life in countless ways. Some of the top ways water affects different areas of your home include: Kitchen Whether you’re grabbing a cup of it to drink from your sink, or … Continue reading

Attic insulation

How to Make Sure Your Home is Well Insulated for Winter

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a poorly insulated house during a Kansas City winter. From overworking your furnace to trying to keep up with the falling temperatures to finding frost lines on the ceiling of your attack or exterior walls, a house that is not well insulated can cause trouble.

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