Don’t be the Next Victim! Copper Thefts are on the Rise! With the scrap copper prices soaring over $2.50 a pound and unemployment higher than it’s ever been, thefts of all kinds are on the rise. The copper thefts are no exception. Contact us today to make your units safe!

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Combating Humidity is Crucial to Surviving Kansas City Summers

Anyone who has spent any time in Kansas City in the summer knows the weather can be brutal. Temperatures often reach the triple digits, and with the high humidity, the heat index reaches even higher. The recent extreme summer weather we’ve experienced has been no exception. While the high temperatures can be uncomfortable, the high humidity is the real trouble maker. The EPA recommends maintaining a relative humidity level between 30 percent and 50 percent, but on a sultry Kansas … Continue reading


Breathe Easy with a Lennox HEPA High-Efficiency Bypass Filtration System

Today’s homes are better insulated than in the past, which improves energy efficiency, but is not always great for air quality. In fact, almost half of U.S. homes fall above the recommended safety standards for air pollutants. Contaminants and particles that get into your home have no escape. Pollutants and contaminants like mold, bacteria, pollen, dust, dirt, odors, and chemical vapors may be circulating through the air in your home, negatively impacting the health of your family. When breathed in, … Continue reading


Control Humidity Throughout Your Home with a Lennox Healthy Climate Whole-Home Dehumidifier

Humidity is a staple of summer weather in Kansas City. It makes the already sweltering heat feel even warmer and leaves you feeling constantly sticky. But excessive humidity isn’t restricted to the summer. Humidity can spike in the early morning and evening hours, in the spring and fall, and even on rainy days. Even daily tasks you perform, such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or taking a hot shower, can drastically increase the humidity inside your home. While you need … Continue reading


Improve the Air Quality in Your Home with Lennox Healthy Climate Germicidal Lights

We’re all looking for ways to stop the spread of germs and keep our homes and our families healthier. We clean frequently. We wipe down every surface, every door knob, and every light switch with disinfectant cleaners. We slather our kids with hand sanitizer. But is it enough? Somehow, despite these efforts, colds and viruses still work their way through every member of the family. While we may be eradicating surface contaminants, air-borne contaminants are still working their way through … Continue reading


Protect Your Air Conditioner from Copper Thieves with an Alarm System

Copper prices have been on the rise, making copper pipes and components found in air conditioning units attractive to thieves. Like the rest of the country, Kansas City has seen a steady rise of air conditioner thefts in recent years and the numbers are expected to continue to rise. Copper thieves don’t discriminate. Everyone from home owners to businesses, including day cares and churches, have been victims of air conditioning theft. In some cases the thieves steal only the copper … Continue reading

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