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Troubleshooting Tips for an A/C That’s Acting Up

If your home’s central air conditioner doesn’t seem to be adequately cooling your living space, or your cooling bills seem higher than they have been in the past, you’ll want to implement some simple fixes before calling in an HVAC technician. Here are some essential troubleshooting tips for your A/C: Clear the area around the outside unit. If you have a split-system A/C, make sure the outside unit, also called the condensing unit, has free airflow. Be sure to clear away all leaves, sticks, cut … Continue reading

Why Does Your Home Have Condensation On Every Window?

If you’re having trouble controlling the condensation on your home widows, the problem probably isn’t so much your windows as it is an overly high humidity level. Whatever the case, it’s a problem you should address immediately, since persistent condensation on home windows can damage walls and fixtures and encourage the development of mold and mildew. Where’s the Condensation Coming From? Condensation on home windows is primarily a wintertime problem, although it can happen during any season when the temperature difference between your home … Continue reading

Key Elements of a Professional A/C Installation

Don’t assume that upgrading your home’s air conditioning system just involves selecting the perfect A/C for your home. Professional A/C installation is imperative if you want your central air conditioner to operate with expected efficiency and cooling performance for many years to come. The federal Energy Star program states that an improperly installed A/C can be 30 percent less energy efficient than one that’s correctly installed. Moreover, Energy Star says that as many as half of the A/C systems in use today are … Continue reading

Replacing Your A/C? Make Sure to Compare First Time and Lifetime Costs

When replacing your A/C system, it’s important to consider both “first time costs” and “lifetime costs,” giving a higher priority to the latter. The old saying, “you get what your pay for,” definitely applies when you’re replacing your A/C system. What Are First Costs? First time costs are what you pay for when purchasing a new air conditioner and then having it installed. Be wary if the cost of either of these things seems surprisingly low. A cheap A/C system from an off … Continue reading

How Ceiling Fan Direction Impacts Cooling Efficiency and Home Comfort

You’ve probably never bothered about which direction your ceiling fans are rotating. Like nearly all fans, the default setting is counterclockwise, which can help keep your home cool. However, the clockwise setting can also benefit your household budget by circulating warm air during the winter. Ceiling Fan Direction: Cooling When ceiling fans are rotating counterclockwise, air is being blown downward. Anyone in the room will feel a cooling, wind-chill effect. This can make your room feel three to four degrees cooler than the thermostat setting, letting you give … Continue reading

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