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Replacing Furnace Filter

How to Keep Your Furnace Running in Cold Weather

Cold weather has arrived in the Kansas City Area, and with it, homeowners that are fighting to keep their furnaces running. Whether you are hoping your old equipment will hang on just one more season, or are frustrated that your furnace just can’t seem to keep caught up, you can help keep your furnace running in the cold weather with these three tips:

Frozen Pipe Prevention

There are two words that no Kansas City homeowner wants to hear during winter – frozen pipes. Damaging, costly, and just plain frustrating, having your pipes freeze is a winter nuisance that is a result of the cold weather many are experiencing all over the Midwest.

Common Space Heater Risks

As temperatures drop across the Kansas City Metro, homeowners are beginning to turn up the heat to keep their homes warm. While many opt for central heat throughout their entire home, a good percentage of people choose to save on costs, and use a space heater to keep their house comfortable.

Tips for Staying Warm this Winter

There is nothing quite like winter in Kansas City. From the infamous Plaza Lights to ice skating at Crown Center, the city comes to life when snow blankets the ground. However, even the beauty of a Midwest winter cannot overshadow the bitter cold it brings each year.

How to Prepare Your Home for the Busy Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time of the year, where your home bustles with activity unlike any other season. From traditional family gatherings to parties thrown with friends, your home sees a lot more foot traffic during the month of December.

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