Annual Furnace Tune-Up

Overland Park Furnace Tune-Ups

Don’t wait until the temperatures are below freezing to find out that your furnace is in need of repairs. Call the Kansas City HVAC experts at Overland Park Heating and Cooling to schedule a furnace tune-up. Overland Park Heating and Cooling’s furnace tune-up is more than just an inspection. Our qualified, factory-trained professionals will perform a 20-point full-system clean, check and service on your furnace.


How Is Your Furnace Health?

Many people believe that as long as their furnace is running and not giving them any problems there’s no reason to pay to have a furnace tune-up. But the fact is that regular furnace maintenance is crucial to the health of your furnace. The majority of furnace breakdowns are related to a lack of regular maintenance. Over time your furnace collects dirt and dust, making it less efficient. Parts can wear out over time or require cleaning or lubrication.


Annual Furnace Tune-Up

Having an annual furnace tune-up performed by a professional, will help you catch small issues before they turn into costly repairs. Regular furnace maintenance can also save you in the form of lower utility bills. Along with the cost benefits of maintaining your furnace, your family will also be living in a much healthier home. We also check for carbon monoxide, gas leaks in and around the furnace, as well as down drafting flue gases, which can be a serious health and safety issue.

Routine Furnace Tune-Up

This dangerous situation was found while providing routine furnace service. The flue piping serving the furnace had been disconnected when new roof was install last fall. Carbon monoxide was being vented to the interior of the building rather than outside. The heated exhaust also posed a burning hazard as it melted the plastic coated insulation.

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Annual Furnace Check

  • Activate system at thermostat to check out the proper sequence of operation
  • Shut system down and replace standard size filter
  • Adjust main trunk air flow dampers if customer request*
  • Check and tighten all electrical controls and safeties
  • Remove pilot, clean and reassemble OR remove igniter, clean and ohm to assure proper resistance
  • Inspect and clean burners, reassemble
  • Check immediate furnace surroundings for gas leakage
  • Inspect blower compartment, pull blower and oil motor if required
  • While blower pulled, check heat exchanger for cracks and inspect AC coil for blockage
  • Reassemble blower, reconnect and check for proper vibration free operation
  • Check and oil inducer motor and tighten mounting screws
  • Clean inside and outside of furnace cabinet
  • Check flue condition and connect Combustion Analysis (CA) equipment


  • Start furnace and allow to operate for 10 minutes. Record all readings of CA equipment
  • Check for proper flue draw and inducer operation. Measure flue draft
  • Check temperature rise and adjust blower speed if necessary
  • Dial in gas pressures, secondary combustion air for most efficiency. Record performance
  • Set thermostat to original setting or as customer request
  • Clean work space and provide written report
  • Discuss furnace safety and operation of furnace with customer
  • Discuss Carbon Monoxide awareness with customer. (Must have working CO detector less than 5 yr old on each level of home)
  • Answer any questions with homeowner and advise how to make more comfortable while extending the life of their system
  • *OPHC will not be responsible for return trips to adjust dampers. We recommend electronic zone damper system for automatic control of airflow

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