Simple Installation & Maintenance

Fast, flexible installation is accomplished through a simple wiring connection with the automatic transfer switch and an integrated polymer pad on the air-cooled RGEN12 and RGEN18. No break-in time is needed once the unit is installed—all Lennox generators are tested and ready to use prior to shipping.

Power That Matches Your Family’s Lifestyle

Reliable power provides comfort and peace of mind when unexpected outages occur.

Lennox generators perform a 20-minute, full-speed, self-diagnostic test each week to ensure peak running.

Lennox residential generators are available in a range of sizes (12kW, 18kW and 30kW) to meet the needs of every home. Less backup power is required to meet basic electrical needs, such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioner or furnace, lighting, TV, computer and garage door opener. Additional power is needed for items like an electric range, multiple air conditioners, electric clothes dryer, security system, sump pump and large wine cellar.

Lennox® heating, cooling and indoor air quality products are designed to provide efficient, economical comfort— not only as individual units, but also together as an integrated system. This combined network of products delivers on every comfort count, from consistent temperatures and balanced humidity to improved indoor air quality. Lennox also offers a line of residential generators, which provide safe, reliable standby power in the event of outages.