State Commcercial Water Heater
Commercial Gas Water Heater

Ultra Force™

Features a 96% Thermal Efficiency that will save money on gas bills.

Commercial Gas Water Heater Ultra Force™

Our Most Efficient

Our most efficient water heater ever delivers higher output with lower input. When high-quality efficiency is what you're looking for, the Ultra ForceTM will deliver it, year after year. Backed by the solid reputation of State, so you can expect the best.

Self-Cleaning Sandblaster® Saves Money Everyday!

The first self-cleaning water heater is still the best, with improvements that really make a difference. The Sandblaster® line of commercial gas water heaters feature unique Hydro-Cannon™ technology to keep sediment from settling in the tank, thus keeping it extremely energy efficient at all times. Durable, flexible, and virtually trouble-free. A great long-term investment that will save money, time, and hassles.

The State Titan® Series - The Toughest Heater Around!

Rugged dependability is what makes the State Titan® series so popular. With the kind of quality that only State can deliver, you can rest easy. There's a model for just about every use. Choose from natural gas, propane gas, or oil. Ideal for all sorts of high-demand installations. Whatever model you choose, it will pay off with years of trouble-free service.

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