Hard WaterHeavy mineral content lurking in your water can wreak havoc on the appliances and plumbing in your home, like water heaters and dishwashers, reducing efficiency and eventually cutting their lifespan short. Some effects are even more obvious as you watch unsightly scale dot dishes, accumulate on shower doors and collect on faucet rims around your home.
Now that you realize you need a water treatment system, the question becomes when should you schedule your FREE water quality test? Here at Overland Park Heating and Cooling we firmly believe that products created by WaterTech are a step above the rest.


WaterTech Reionator


It starts by reducing calcium and magnesium which cause hardness, but that’s just the beginning for the REIONATOR®. Our proprietary technology also strips water of unpleasant odors and chlorine taste. Compared to other water softeners and conditioners, the REIONATOR® features incredibly smart engineering that anticipates your water usage to ensure you always have the best water when you need it.

You want the best for you and your family. It starts with realizing that a water treatment company should do more than just provide you the products to condition, soften and clean your water. WaterTech and Overland Park Heating and Cooling are experts. We become your partner in improving your water quality because cleaner water means healthier, happier days.


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The combination of an A.O. Smith Water Heater plus the awesome technology of a ReIonator® equals a match made in water quality heaven!


WaterTech Reionator®

It’s built to maximize water efficiency and save you money all while protecting the environment. If by some chance your REIONATOR® needs repair, it comes with an industry rarity – a limited lifetime warranty.



Professional HVAC Technicians

Our heating and cooling service technicians are second to none and factory-trained professionals. Overland Park Heating and Cooling requires 40 hours annually of factory, utility and "in-house" training. In addition to our stringent training requirements, all our technicians are subject to a thorough background check for your safety. Their late model vans are equipped with many parts to make most repairs in a one stop fashion. With our vehicle "real time" GPS, it allows us to efficiently dispatch a qualified HVAC technician who is in your area.

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